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You want to establish your brand in France ?

CosmeFITS is the ideal partner for foreign brands looking to conquer the French market. We provide you with a range of tailored services to ease your establishment in this demanding market. Each step is crucial to ensure the success of your presence in this competitive and already highly saturated environment that is the cosmetics sector.

Our in-depth knowledge of the industry's ecosystem and our sharp expertise in cosmetics are our strengths to accompany you in your expansion process and help you overcome the challenges you will face.

Among our services:

We understand the unique challenges you face, and we are ready to help you thrive in the French market. Your success is our pride.

CosmeFITS is your trusted partner for a successful presence in France

Master your scope

This stage is crucial to help you refine your offering through a deep understanding of your target market:

  • Analysis of the French cosmetics market and its consumer habits

  • Identification of opportunities based on your catalog and existing competition

  • Expert advice on selecting products to highlight in the French market

Market research & competitive analysis

Ensure compliance with local and international standards

The standards and regulations of the cosmetic industry are constantly evolving. What was once an administrative formality is now a fundamental element for companies, whether operating at the local or international level. Our expertise in cosmetics regulatory affairs ensures the compliance of your products, the safety of consumers, and preserves your reputation while integrating environmental considerations.

  • Assistance in ensuring your products comply with current European regulations

  • Support in procedures related to importation with French authorities

  • Verification and appropriate translation of labelling information (claims, composition, mandatory mentions)

  • Development of re-labelling labels (from Artwork to production)

  • Label application to ensure compliance

  • Update or complete creation of Product Information Files (PIF)

  • Notification on the European portal CPNP (Cosmetic Product Notification Portal)

  • Management of tests required to obtain CPNP notification

  • Assistance in compliance audits (preparing the necessary documentation, carrying out internal checks, helping to answer auditor's questions)

  • Targeted regulatory monitoring to keep you informed of developments

Cosmetic Product Regulation

Develop strategies for a successful introduction of your products

In the highly competitive cosmetics industry, how you present your brand and products is crucial to your success. A well-orchestrated launch strategy is the key to success. With CosmeFITS, maximise the impact of your brand and cosmetic products with a customised strategy to stand out in this intensely competitive sector.

  • Definition of a brand strategy tailored to attract and capture French consumers

  • Optimising pricing and market positioning

  • Implementation of a promotional and event marketing plan specifically designed for the French market

  • Translation and adaptation of your communication materials for the French audience (product sheets, product arguments, POS advertising, catalog, website, video...)

  • Assistance on various communication channels (advertising, social media, promotional campaigns)

  • Management of operations and events to promote the products

  • Optimising your website SEO to improve online visibility and reach a wider audience

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) to build trust with your customers and foster brand loyalty

  • Newsletter service

Marketing & Communication

Stay tuned to your customers

Products imported into the French market often don't have the customer service that consumers expect from well-known national and international brands. CosmeFITS provides you with post-sales support that makes all the difference.

  • Post-sales support, answering customer's questions and complaints in French

  • Monitoring of indicators and compiling satisfaction reports to adjust strategy (statistics on customer comments and feedback)

Consumer service & performance analysis

Optimise the distribution of your products

Distance can sometimes be a barrier to establishing a presence in a new geographical area. CosmeFITS helps you find the best storage and distribution solutions to reduce your logistics lead times.

  • Assistance in setting up effecient distribution channels in France

  • Assistance in researching and selecting local partners, such as manufacturers, suppliers, and distributors

  • Support in negotiating with retailers and logistics partners

  • Logistics management assistance to ensure the efficient delivery of products to points of sale

  • Identification and management of warehouses for your best-selling products to reduce delivery times

Distribution & logistic support

Additional Services


If you aim for the 'Made in France' label or wish to optimize logistics timelines by partially producing your catalog in France, CosmeFITS can help you find a trusted industrial partner. We will, on your behalf, coordinate and oversee the entire development and manufacturing process.

If integrating products specifically tailored to the French market is a key element of your expansion strategy, we propose a close collaboration. Together, we will design and develop bespoke cosmetic products, perfectly suited to the needs and preferences of the French market.

Expanding into new markets or promoting cosmetic products often requires a sustained local presence. CosmeFITS will assist you in achieving these goals efficiently. We offer representation services as a technical sales agent for your product lines, ensuring their presentation to clients and industry professionals at trade shows or other commercial events.

Technical and Commercial Representation of Your Products

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