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Our range of services extends from conceptualisation to the commercialisation of finished products :

From Idea to Project

This phase of reflection and macro analysis of your idea and/or marketing brief is crucial before delving into the heart of the product development process. Benefit from our expertise to guide you effectively right from the start.

Now is the time to assess, among other things :

  • The technical feasibility of the envisioned product

  • The economic viability of the project concerning the target price vs. the industrial cost price

  • The target market launch date to build a detailed timeline

At this stage, it's essential to carefully define certain parameters :

  • Desired marketing claims

  • Key active ingredients and raw materials highlighted

  • Product benchmarks and positioning

  • Primary and secondary packaging choices"

Feasibility & Viability Analysis

Once all these points are well-established, we will then assist you in finalising the Marketing Brief, drafting the Specifications, launching Requests for Proposals, and selecting subcontractors and industrial partners.

At the Heart of the Product

An excellent cosmetic product is primarily based on an exceptional formula, combining proven effectiveness, delightful sensory texture, and a unique hedonistic pleasure. We will meet your highest expectations.

To achieve this, good pre-formulation work is essential :

  • Source and select raw materials

  • Define the appropriate fragrance composition

  • Define the expected sensory properties

Formulation, a critical phase of the project :

  • Evaluate and validate proposals for fragrance compositions

  • Evaluate and validate the principle formula

  • Check the formula's in the target packaging

Cosmetic Formulation

The formula can undergo basic white-label sourcing or be custom formulated according to your specifications. CosmeFITS is capable of supporting you in all configurations.

All About Packaging Items

In addition to its functionality, packaging today represents a strong commitment to ethical and eco-responsible standards while reflectining your brand identity. We will guide you on all technical and aesthetic aspects of your packaging.

Packaging is far from secondary :

  • Source primary and secondary items in line with your target price

  • Make selections taking all factors into account

  • Establish a testing plan and initiate compatibilities  

A beautiful packaging is good, but industrialisable is better :

  • Plan trials on the line for packaging

  • Checking the labeling and other secondary items if applicable

  • Adjust the design based on marking constraints

Packaging Development

Various packaging items can be selected from existing standard offers or developed specifically for the project. CosmeFITS can assist you in sourcing and negotiating standard packaging as well as managing the development of custom packaging requiring the design of a mold and specific tools.

During conditioning, many technical subtleties arise at this stage. Good rigor and anticipation of all parameters allow us to overcome major issues. Entrust us with this sensitive part to ensure the success of the product.

Guarantees for the Consumer

A cosmetic product must be perfectly stable over time and throughout the consumer's use. It must also prove its safety and efficacy regarding the benefits it claims. CosmeFITS will review with you all the required tests to ensure compliance.

The must-haves  :

  • Stability tests

  • Challenge test

  • Safety tests and patch tests

  • Toxicological evaluation

Proven performance :

  • Efficacy tests according to the marketing claim highlighted

  • Clinical tests for "dermatologically tested" claims

  • Consumer panel tests

Compliance & Safety Testing

The required tests can be numerous, quickly become time-consuming, and very costly. CosmeFITS will help you optimise this regulatory aspect without compromising product quality and in line with the launch schedule.

A Well-Groomed Image

Artwork, Print Approval, Color Proof, color triptych, do these terms sound familiar to you? CosmeFITS takes care of it all.

Regarding the design of decorations :

  • Define the graphic charter

  • Define and validate the decorable surface

  • Build a decor in line with technical printing constraints

  • Propose different creative alternatives in line with the brand spirit

  • Estimate the budget for decor development

Regarding operational implementation :

  • Check and validate the Artwork and the Print Approval

  • Machine-validate the Color Proof in reference to the target color

  • Define the reference color triptych

  • Assemble mock-ups

The Graphic Chain

A creative, innovative decor, perfectly executed and reproducible from one finished product to another, will be the very reflection of your brand's seriousness. Because every detail matters for a perfectly successful product, CosmeFITS commits to deploying all its rigor to assist you with the technical challenges it represents.

From the lab to the First Production Run

Whether you desire "made in France" manufacturing known for its excellence, EU or Asian manufacturing at a lower cost to meet an economic equation, or "made in Korea" for the Korean performance of their pioneering cosmetic products, CosmeFITS will recommend reliable industrial partners for your production, regardless of its scale. We can also assist you with, among other things:

Preparations before manufacturing :

  • Estimate the manufacturing cost vs. target Industrial Cost Price

  • Evaluate logistical costs based on the manufacturing site

  • Orchestrate the FIB - First Industrial Batch

  • Define the palletization plan and the PCB outer & inner

During conditioning :

  • Assess deductions according to the production control plan

  • Validate the compliance of the first production

  • Establish a range of defects

  • Resolve labeling issues

Manufacturing & Conditioning

Scaling up from the bench to industrial manufacturing can be perilous, with many uncertainties that could potentially delay the product launch. CosmeFITS, with its wealth of experience in the field, will work with you in this industrialisation phase, together with its leading partners, to ensure that your dream product comes to fruition without a hitch.

Compliance at Every Point

Despite various checkpoints during manufacturing, a liberating quality procedure is crucial to ensure the products' proper compliance with the technical specifications and to monitor the quality level throughout their lifecycle. CosmeFITS can manage this mission on your behalf.

Liberating quality control involves :

  • Representing you on-site

  • Evaluating and deciding on deviations vs. the range of defects

  • Validating the control report on sampling

  • Defining corrective actions

Quality monitoring and handling consumer complaints involve:

  • Establishing a self-control plan for quality monitoring

  • Managing tests with authorised bodies

  • Drafting technical responses to customer complaints

Quality Control

By entrusting CosmeFITS with the management of this tedious but essential step in your project, you can focus peacefully on your communication strategy and the launch of your new product, knowing that it is ready to conquer the market.

In the Framework of Regulation

Standards and regulations governing the cosmetic industry are constantly evolving. What was once considered a mere administrative formality is now essential for companies operating locally or internationally.

CosmeFITS can support you in various tasks :

  • Verification and adaptation of labeling information (claims, composition, mandatory information, etc.)

  • Updating or complete assembly of Product Information Files (PIF)

  • Targeted regulatory monitoring

  • Notification on the European CPNP portal (Cosmetic Product Notification Portal)

  • Compilation of the Export registration dossier

Cosmetic Product Regulation

Our expertise in cosmetic regulatory affairs ensures the compliance of your products, consumer safety, and preserves your reputation while ensuring environmental protection.

A Smart and Effective Strategy

In the highly competitive cosmetic industry, how you present your brand and products is crucial to your success. Our expertise in cosmetic marketing guides you through the intricacies of creating your brand identity to communicating about your products.

Brand Strategy and Positioning :

  • Market research and selection of benchmarks

  • Definition of brand identity

  • Study of positioning and potential

  • Development of the marketing plan

  • Definition of product ranges

Operational Marketing and Communication :

  • Management of communication materials (product arguments, POS materials)

  • Supervision of promotional and event operations

  • Optimisation of communication channels

Marketing, from Creation to Communication

An effective marketing strategy is the key to success. Contact us today to turn your vision into a market reality and benefit from personalised marketing support to stand out in this highly competitive industry

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